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Reviewer: Michael Lenker
Website Reviewed: Earth 4 Energy Website

In this Earth4Energy review I will be taking a thorough look at this super popular program and uncover why there is so much attention surrounding this guide. Earth4Energy is the guide that started off the explosion of “build your own solar panel” products that have been flooding the Internet for the past few years. But just because it started off the trend does that make it any good?

The creator Michael Harvey, has now had the experience of helping thousands of people to build their own solar panels and install them so that they can power their home with the suns energy. Since the first release of the guide, Michael has changed, adapted, and transformed it according to customer requests and feedback. The introduction of video as well as add-on guides were a major breakthrough for the program and it seems as though Michael has been able to hold onto the top spot.

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The interesting thing about this product is the fact that, the large majority of guides that came out after Earth4Energy are all trying to imitate it. Some are trying to be unique but others are just ripping it off completely. I won’t get into the morality of this but there is a reason why so many people are trying to copy Earth4Energy…it’s a high quality, comprehensive, and easy to follow program that works.

When it comes to teaching complete beginners how to build a homemade solar panel, simplicity is the key and Earth4Energy is just that. Combine thorough step by step details, plenty of diagrams, and video instruction, you have a complete package that can give anyone a crash course in building their own solar panel on the cheap.

The first thing you may be thinking about after being exposed to Earth4Energy is, can a solar panel really be made for under $100? The answer is yes and no. One solar panel can be built for under this price but it will require a bit of shopping and researching on your part. You will need to dig deep to find bargain parts, the guide outlines how to do this. But if you don’t want to spend time shopping around for cheap parts then you may find yourself paying closer to $200, which is still very cheap compared to professionally made solar panels.

Earth4Energy can be compared to getting a mini degree in solar energy and solar panel creation and installation. Everything you will need to build your own solar panel is included in this comprehensive program. I also like the additional add-on guide which demonstrates how to make a wind turbine. This is an excellent generator to build to help create power when the weather or season is not favorable for generating solar energy.

If you want to learn more about Earth 4 Energy, visit their website here.

Earth4Energy Features:

Video Demonstration
Video’s where the missing piece of the puzzle in the first generation of Earth4Energy and it is an awesome addition. Being able to follow on visually is an absolute godsend and makes it even easier for complete beginners to start carrying out immediately.

Electric Wiring Plans
This is where many people go wrong with their solar project. Building the panel is pretty straightforward but wiring it up correctly can leave many people scratching their heads. This extra guide covers this subject in great depth and will give clarity to what can be a difficult process without the right knowledge.

Solar Calculator
Knowing how many panels you will need to power various items are something you need to know from the beginning of your project. Many complex mathematical equations are turned into a simple “press a few buttons” calculator which shows you your power requirements and how many solar panels you will need to get the job done.

I hope you have found this Earth4Energy review useful and you have greater insight into the effectiveness of this program. It was a top product when it came out a few years ago, it has stood the test of time, and become even better as the years have passed. Highly recommended!

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